Advent and Lent Collection

Lent 2020 Facilitator Guide (8.5x11 PDF version)

Lent 2020 Facilitator Guide (8.5x11 PDF version)

We at Living Compass are delighted to share this Lent Facilitator Guide with you. We are especially honored to include the voices and deep reflections of eight guest writers. These voices represent diverse backgrounds, yet all come together to reflect upon this year’s theme: Practicing Courage With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind.

The 2020 Lent devotional and this facilitator guide can be used for individual reflection and study, small groups, a congregational Lenten program, and/or a retreat. If you are using the facilitator guide with a group, we suggest you read through it first to familiarize yourself with the contents, concepts, and supplies you may need.

Each Sunday and Monday, we use the Sunday Gospel readings and the reflections, found in Living Well Through Lent 2020 as the foundation for reflection and practice. Each Monday we invite you to engage more deeply with the theme of practicing courage through a specific daily practice for the week. We have also included a “making it personal” section following all of the daily reflections. This is an opportunity for you to take what you are discovering from the reflections and go deeper with these insights in your own life.

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