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Wellness Circle Online-Description

Wellness Circle Online-Description

Join a live online wellness circle!

Participate in a six week Living Compass Wellness Circle program delivered through six one-hour live video conference calls via the Zoom platform. You are invited to either join one of our ongoing Wellness Circles as an individual or create your own group of up to 7 people. We will schedule a date and time that works for your group.  

We are looking to have a group of up to 7 people for each wellness circle. There is no cost for participating at this time, we only ask that you are committed to participate in 4 of the 6 sessions. When the group members have been identified, we will send information about Zoom and the invitation to the Zoom group. We will be using the Adult Faith and Wellness Circle workbooks and will send you a pdf version of the booklet.

What is a Wellness Circle?

A small private faith based coaching group in which you are invited to take a self-assessment online that will help you set a specific goal. Each participant determines a FAITH Step each week toward your goal and continues to draw support and accountability from the Wellness Circle.

A Wellness Circle…

  • focus on possibilities, not problems.
  • will never ask or require you to share if you are not comfortable.
  • help you take concrete steps toward reaching your goals.
  • are helpful when you are going through a transition in your life.
  • help you achieve greater balance.
  • help you reduce and better manage stress.
  • help you remember what you already know.
  • help you improve your relationships.
  • help you actualize the positive changes you’ve wanted to make.
  • help you stop unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy habits.
  • are not a substitute for professional help; a wellness circle is not group therapy or a 12-step group.
  • might just be one of the best decisions you can make for your life right now.


“The Wellness Circle provided me with an opportunity to look deeper into myself and my faith. It also encourages you to prayerfully examine areas in your life that are working well and those that may need attention. The most rewarding part, however, is the bond formed and security felt within your wellness circle.” – Mary

"The circle provided an open and welcoming environment to evaluate how I was balancing all aspects of my life and to recognize how to make adjustments to live life to the fullest." –Robin

"The Faith and Wellness Circle provided soulful introspection in the company of Christian friends". –Carmen

The Faith and Wellness Circle was exactly what I was looking for as a parish nurse. I led my first circle last fall and am now facilitating a Parenting Wellness Circle. This is an effective way to promote holistic well-being and build community. I love it! Thank you Living Compass! -Becky

“When asked to participate in the Faith and Wellness Circle I reacted with...Sure! Everyone can benefit from setting a goal and having help staying focused on that goal. Right? What transpired during those six weeks was deeper and more meaningful than anticipated. The end result was the same yet different from where we started. Excellent experience!!” –Linda

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