Adult Programs


A Living Compass wellness ministry can include an array of offerings to support the health and well-being of the people in your community; adults, parents and teens, in particular. Your church already has wellness ministries by the very fact, whether you have recognized them as such or nor, that you are a church. Our resources merely help you become more focused on the healing and health aspect of your mission. We recommend a small group of leaders from your community attend a Community Wellness Advocate Training, where you all will learn more about bringing Living Compass to your community. Click here to learn more: CWA trainings.

Living Compass Adult Faith & Wellness Circles are the core of our adult programming. These circles are a committed small group of adults and their facilitator who meet for six sessions. They discuss how their faith is connected with and informs their wellness and the daily decisions they are making in their lives, assess their current state of balance and wellness, learn important lessons about change, and set weekly goals for changes they feel called to make. 

Each participant in the wellness circle needs a Living Compass Adult Faith & Wellness Workbook, and the leader needs a facilitator guide to run the group. It is not required, but recommended that the facilitator attend a training to enhance their ability to lead an Adult Wellness Circle. Tutorials for leading a circle can be found in the Training section of our website.  

These circles can be run with niche groups; the recently retired, unemployed, empty nesters, new comers, men’s groups, women’s groups, and young adults, to name a few.

Your Living Compass: Living Well in Thought, Word, and Deed, published by Morehouse, can be used in book discussion groups or as a personal self-guided retreat. This book, written by Scott Stoner, the creator of Living Compass, provides a grounding for the entire Living Compass Wellness Initiative.

Living Compass Weekly Words of Wellness is a weekly wellness email column that can be used in your parish newsletter, as a Facebook page discussion starter, or for gatherings of community members. It can reach many people with easy effort on your part. Permission is always granted to copy and share this timely resource. Sign up here.

Living Compass Daily Reading Booklets for the Seasons of Advent and Lent are created new each year. They contain thematic readings and reflections written by guest authors, with connecting thoughts and reflections for each day written by Living Compass creator, the Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner. These booklets can be used by individuals for their own spiritual practice, in a small group setting, or by an entire parish.

Living Compass Topical Wellness Resources: 

We offer fully developed four-session guides, complete with handouts, that can be used in adult education classes, retreats, small group gatherings, Lenten programs, etc. As with all our resources, leaders are encouraged to adapt these and add their own wisdom to the process.

Four-session guides are offered for these topics:

  • Living Well in the Midst of Grief and Loss
  • Forgiveness
  • Parent Wellness
  • Aging Well
  • Mindful Eating
  • Emotional Wellness   
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Enhancing Your Well-Being With a Spiritual Practice