Lent 2019 Offerings Promotional Flyer (PDF FILE)

Lent 2019 Offerings Promotional Flyer (PDF FILE)

Living Well Through Lent 2019

If you have individuals or a group you would like to share our Lent offerings with, we are happy to provide our Lent offers flyer for you to print and distribute. The flyer is offered as a PDF file and prints on a standard 8.5x11 paper.

The flyer will inform people of the following ways to engage this Lenten season:

  • Enroll for free to receive each day’s reading via a daily email

  • Join our closed Facebook discussion group moderated by Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner & Rev. Jan Kwiatkowski

  • Access all past daily readings through our archive online

  • Download our Lenten devotional as a FREE PDF file in English and Spanish

  • Download our Lenten leader’s guide as a FREE PDF file

  • Purchase our Lenten devotional as a printed book in English and Spanish while supplies last

  • Purchase our Lenten devotional as an e-book from Amazon

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