Lent 2021 Optional Shipping Donation

Lent 2021 Optional Shipping Donation

We have had generous requests to donate towards shipping cost for our free Lent booklets this year. Please click here to donate in increments of $10.

Order our Lent devotional as a printed book in English and Spanish while supplies last. In light of the challenges that many are currently facing, we are pleased to offer our printed books for FREE this year for orders up to 200 books. (A small donation to help with shipping is optional at checkout, but in no way required. Please only contribute if or as you are able.)

Please note: the way our shipping and fulfillment center charges for shipping means that we must pay a minimum of $10 per order that they ship and fulfill—including orders of just a single booklet. For that reason, please do not encourage members of your church to each order individual copies. Also, please note that the daily readings are available as a free PDF, free daily emails (sign up now, and they will start the first day of Lent), and as a .99 cent ebook on Amazon.  

International Orders: Our ordering system can only accept orders for shipping within the United States. Please contact us at info@livingcompass.org if you would like to place a bulk order (minimum of 25 booklets) for Canada, Mexico, Central America, or other parts of the world. We will work with you to try and make this happen.


$ 10.00