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Wellness Notebook for Adults (PDF FILE - Secular)

Wellness Notebook for Adults (PDF FILE - Secular)

The Wellness Compass Notebook Adults is a colorful, downloadable books designed for use individually or in a group.

The notebook are based on our extremely popular The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook used in schools, community centers, hospitals, faith communities, and other places working to promote greater wellness.

The Notebook will help you identify your values and dreams, and help you better understand and then choose the very things you want to do that will help you navigate your way toward greater well-being. Just as people use a compass to help check their bearings and make sure they are headed in the direction they intend this Notebook will allow you to pause and check your bearings regarding the choices you are making in your life.

The Notebook invite readers to explore the eight interconnected areas of the Wellness Compass— Handling Emotions, Healthy Relationships, Vocation (work, school, volunteer), organization, Care for the Body, Stress Resilience, Rest and Play, and Spirituality.

In each area of wellness, the reader is invited to stages of exploration:

  1. Listening to Yourself. In this section of each chapter, we invite you to listen to the whispers—those from within, and/or from friends, family, and others—that are letting you know what may need more of your attention. Here you will take the Adult Wellness Self-Assessment for one of the eight areas of wellness.

  2. Learning and Reflecting. In this section of each chapter, we include information followed by reflection questions that offer an opportunity to explore each area of well-being and then reflect on your relationship and experience in a particular area. We also provide three resources that may help you better understand where you are in the process of growth and change.

  3. Living It. After learning and reflecting on a particular area of well-being and the results of your Wellness Self-Assessment, you will begin to map your next steps. You will have an opportunity to fill out the Mapping Your Journey of Growth and Change page and complete a SMART Step worksheet to help you clarify and decide what next steps you are ready to take in each area of well-being.

By engaging with the materials in these Notebooks, you are making a proactive decision to pay attention to all aspects of your health and well-being. As you choose to work on a particular dimension of wellness, it is essential that you pay attention to the wellness you already have in that area and how you would like to make it grow. Gradually shift your attention to the positive and the possibility in yourself and/or others, and that is what will grow.

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