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SMART Goals Worksheet - For Teen Wellness Compass Notebook (PDF FILE - Secular)

SMART Goals Worksheet - For Teen Wellness Compass Notebook (PDF FILE - Secular)

A journey toward healthy living happens one step at a time. Research shows that to maximize a teen’s chances for making positive healthy changes, they need to identify for themselves the changes they want to make,  break those changes into concrete steps. And then they need to share their goals with at least one other person.  This form is found within the Teen Compass Wellness Notebook. Please feel free to download additional copies of this page if needed.

A SMART goal will help teens identify the small actions they are ready to take.

Here’s how.

Once they’ve shaded in their scores from the self-assessments on their Teen Compass, they will be invited to identify one thing they can commit to doing that could improve their score.

To help them, we’ve included a section in each Unit for teens to write down a SMART goal, obstacles and solutions.

 Characteristics of SMART Goals & How To Create Your Own:

  • S - Specific
    For example: I will walk for 30 minutes three days this week vs. I need to start getting some exercise.

  • M - Measurable and observable
    For example: Thirty minutes each time.

  • A - Achievable
    For example: I will do this for two weeks and then evaluate. vs. I will do this for a year.

  • R - Relevant
    For example: Exercise is something I really care about and I feel strongly will make a difference in my life.

  • T - Time Sensitive
    For example: I will start this on Friday

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