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Adult Self Assessment - English (PDF FILE - Secular)

Adult Self Assessment - English (PDF FILE - Secular)

The Adult Wellness Self-Assessment is designed to help you listen to the whispers in your life right now. Our lives are always speaking to us. The question is, are we listening?

This is your opportunity to listen.

This self-assessment—like a mirror—will reflect back to you your current state of balance and wholeness. The results are a present-moment snapshot of your life right now, revealing where in the garden of your life you have been watering and tending, and which areas could use more of your attention.

The Adult Wellness Self-Assessment invites you to respond to 10 statements with a number between 0–10, in each of the eight areas of wellness. If a statement does not apply to you then simply give yourself a “10” for that statement. 

Once you have arrived at your total score from each self-assessment, that section of the compass will automatically fill in with your total (0 is at the center, 50 is halfway out, and 100 is at the outer edge).

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